Setting up for Vasectomy

Trolley 1  - This trolley is used for items that MAY be used during the vasectomy, as well as the local anaesthetic for drawn up for all cases.  This trolley should be considered a sterile field and equipment only taken from the trolley with clean sterile gloves

1. A 10ml syringe with Local anaesthetic.  1 syringe per case with 2 additional.  eg. 10 cases= 12 syringes.  Each syringe with a 25g (short) needle attached

2. A spare set of sterile gloves

3. A clip applier and a cartridge of medium sized clips

4.  Additional gauze 

5. A 3.0 absorbable suture

Trolley 2 - Changed every case

1. Wipe down trolley with antibacterial spray

2. Place a sterile field down.  If none available, use 2 dressing packs.

3. Drop 1 vasectomy pack.  This contains:

      - Sharp forceps

      - A ring Clamp

      - 2 x  Artery forceps

      - 1 x suture holder

      - 1 x scissors

      - 1 x adson pickup forceps (tweezers)

3. At least 6 pieces of sterile gauze

4. Approx 10-20ml of brown Betadine

5. A cartridge of 6 medium haemoclips

6. A sterile drape to place over the patient

7. Plastic disposable forceps to hold the gauze when cleaning the patient (these are in the dressings packs)

8. A dental drill cover (diathermy lead cover)

9. A Diathermy tip (sterilised)

Other Equipment in the Room

1. Skinman soft 90  with a 5ml syringe.  Approx 5ml required per case

2. Hyfrecator set to 12

3. Music